C++ Programming Course Details

C++ is an updated version of the popular C language. It's enhanced to be object-oriented and functions as a high-level computer programming language. It allows programmers to modify code without actually changing it. This makes the code reusable. C++ is also known for its exceptional performance. This means performance speed that allows for writing efficient code with a high abstraction level. This language also functions across many operating systems and in different environments which makes it versatile to use for every type of developer. To top the cake, C++ offers the use of classes which is really handy for you to produce clean code and to stay organized.


  • Fundamentals C++
  • C++ Preprocessor
  • Data Input & Output
  • Arrays, Structures
  • Function
  • Classes
  • Constructor & Destructor
  • Operator Overloading
  • Inheritance
  • Pointers
  • File Handling
  • Graphics


Duration of C++ Programming course is 30 Hrs

Mode of Training : Class room / Online in person


Knowledge of C Programming.

Fees : INR 2,850

(Including GST 18%)

Course Features

  • Plenty hands on labs
  • Highly Interactive and Interesting training methodology
  • Daily Tasks and Weekly Assignments
  • Structured course : Completes in time
  • State of art infrastructure

Our Trainers

Mr. Dhananjay Padalkar - Director

Dhananjay Padalkar

Dhananjay has been in the IT industry since the 1998. His career has remained within the teaching and support environment with periods of classroom activity, course design and development. His training involves teaching mainly Microsoft products include ASP .net, C#, VB .net, MVC. He has also been involved in training other technologies like HTML5, JS, jQuery, JSON, ORACLE, Android. In addition he offers training in Structured Query Language (SQL) on platforms such as SQL Server, Access, Oracle and mySQL, he also has a strong Database background and can provide training in database design. His enthusiasm and passion has encouraged many students to become successful in learning and job seeking.

Ashwini Arbole

Ashwini Arbole

Ashwini is a Computer Engineer and she has 5 Years of experience in software Training & development field. An Oracle Certified Professional Ashwini has hands on experience in Java, Advance Java, .net platform, Android. Dedicated and committed to adding value to our students, she has also given guidance to hundreds of final year BE, Diploma, BCS, BCA projects . An attitude which never says no to learning new things. You got to be her student to experience why she's revered by one and all



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