BCA , BCS , Diploma , BE IT / CSE Final Year Project Guidance

Vishwanet offers IEEE Projects for Computer and IT engineering Students and also for BCA , BCS , Diploma students . We help build the students their research and technical skills which eventually helps them in completing their final year projects. This is done by making the students understand the core concepts such as Scheduling, Requirements Gathering, High Level Design, Low Level Design, Coding, Report Designing with Reporting Tool, Testing, Report Preparation, Project Presentation
Vishwanet has the widest variety of projects. This page lists the best and latest innovative final year project topics for BCA , BCS , Diploma , BE IT / CSE students.

Browse through our list below to find your final year project topics:

Android based

  • Mobifeed: a location-aware news feed system for mobile users
  • Collaborative learning application based on android platform
  • A location-based personal task reminder for mobile users
  • Development of mobile learning using android platform
  • how long to wait? - predicting bus arrival time with mobile phone based participatory sensing
  • Information system based on college campus
  • Patient monitoring system using android technology
  • Android based erp system
  • Android application for vehicle theft prevention and tracking system
  • Employee monitoring system using android smartphone
  • Online voting system using android application
  • Remote android assistant with global positioning system tracking
  • Emergency management system using android application
  • A proposed mobile based health care system for patient diagnosis using android os
  • Smartphone-based wound assessment system for patients with diabetes
  • A location- and diversity-aware news feed system for mobile users
  • Design and implementation of a web-service-based public-oriented personalized health care platform
  • A location-based personal task reminder for mobile users
  • An android based monitoring and alarm system for patients with chronic obtrusive disease
  • Location based services using android mobile operating system
  • Location based services on smart phone through the android application
  • Location based reminder using gps for mobile (android)
  • Smart phone based approach to monitor driving behavior and sharing of statistic
  • Question answering system for an effective collaborative learning
  • A privacy-p reserving framework for personally controlled electronic health record (pcehr )
  • Gps and sms-based child tracking system using smart phone
  • Land vehicle tracking application on android platform
  • Friend mapper on mobiles -friend locator / location based services on smart phone through the android application
  • Intelligent bus monitoring and management system
  • Comparison between RSSI-based and TOF-based Indoor Positioning Methods


  • Generating Searchable Public-Key Ciphertexts with Hidden Structures for Fast Keyword Search
  • Scalable and Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing Using Attribute-Based Encryption
  • Secure instant message and location sharing system for android using cryptanalysis
  • Cryptography on android message applications
  • A novel anti phishing framework based on visual cryptography
  • Graphical password authentication using persuasive cued click point


  • Diseases Association Discovery Based on XML EMR
  • MXML: Implementation of a Web-based Application for Merging XML Documents using - XML-SIM
  • Diseases Association Discovery Based on XML EMR
  • Horizontal aggregation in sql for data mining analysis to prepare data sets

Web Based ( .net - ASP, C#, SqlServer, PHP – MySQL )

  • Cryptography on Personal Confidential information
  • Employee based performance monitoring and action System
  • Budget Planner
  • Effort Tracking System for Software Company : To monitor the project wise daily tasks performed by employees
  • CRM[Customer Relationship Management]
  • PRM[Patient Relationship Management]
  • myMail : A Powerful Email Marketing Too
  • ControlMyPC
  • Choice list provider as per percentage for Centralized College admission
  • Inventory Control for Manufacturing Unit with BOM
  • Event Management : Seminar / Workshop / Road Rally / Exhibition / Advt. Campaign
  • Lost Articles and Letters Reconciliation System
  • Budget Approval System
  • Employee Cubicle Management System
  • eHelpDesk : a flexible helpdesk and ticketing platform
  • Lab Security System
  • myCaseManager [ For advocates ]
  • KrishiMitra : a farmer helper
  • A Secured perfect Feedback System
  • insurance Agents Samurai
  • Integrated Workflow management system / Powerful Group To do List
  • Perfect talent Accusation system
  • myAlert : a perfect reminder for insurance Agents
  • myTaskManager : allows enterprise to automate business process
  • knowledge sharing tool for the modern workforce
  • Mobile Alerts for Urgent Emails
  • Survey Master
  • myELP : Educational Lesson Planner
  • Issue Tracking System / Complaint Mgt. System
  • E-Crime File management System
  • College Result Analysis
  • Leave management System
  • Web Based Book publishing
  • Web based customer favorite vehicle search engine

Course Features

  • Plenty hands on labs
  • Highly Interactive and Interesting training methodology
  • Daily Tasks and Weekly Assignments
  • Structured course : Completes in time
  • State of art infrastructure

Our Trainers

Mr. Dhananjay Padalkar - Director

Dhananjay Padalkar

Dhananjay has been in the IT industry since the 1998. His career has remained within the teaching and support environment with periods of classroom activity, course design and development. His training involves teaching mainly Microsoft products include ASP .net, C#, VB .net, MVC. He has also been involved in training other technologies like HTML5, JS, jQuery, JSON, ORACLE, Android. In addition he offers training in Structured Query Language (SQL) on platforms such as SQL Server, Access, Oracle and mySQL, he also has a strong Database background and can provide training in database design. His enthusiasm and passion has encouraged many students to become successful in learning and job seeking.

Ashwini Arbole

Ashwini Arbole

Ashwini is a Computer Engineer and she has 5 Years of experience in software Training & development field. An Oracle Certified Professional Ashwini has hands on experience in Java, Advance Java, .net platform, Android. Dedicated and committed to adding value to our students, she has also given guidance to hundreds of final year BE, Diploma, BCS, BCA projects . An attitude which never says no to learning new things. You got to be her student to experience why she's revered by one and all



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