We Vishwanet Computers Pvt. Ltd. Kolhapur are authorized Tally Sales and Service 3 Star Partner. We provide Tally.ERP9 software Services and Solutions which include installation, upgradation, migration, synchronization, corporate training, online/ off line support, AMC, customization and Integration. We have customers across various industry domains such as Trading, Engineering, Manufacturing, Foundry, Service, Education, Agriculture & Distributor.

  • Data migration for GST
  • GST Settings
  • GST Invoice
  • GSTR 1

Our Tally Implementation & Services Include:

Sales & Upgradation of Tally ERP 9

Tally Implementation

Tally Implementation - Let us implement Tally

Tally 9 is an off the shelf software and can be purchased anywhere from India. However, Tally ERP 9 is loaded with features and is hard to comprehend the software in its entirety within short time. Due to lack of knowledge and initiation, most of the people uses only 5 to 20% of Tally ERP 9. We can help you unlock the complete power of Tally, so that you can benefit from solutions and beyond-box services.

We provide Implementation of Tally as per your need and company requirements. We can help you become a ‘Power User’ of Tally by making the smartest and most comprehensive use of Tally software features. We will give complete training for your staffs each will be focused according to their work profile as applicable to your industry.

Our implementation services also cover

  • IDE introduction
  • Setting up of user rights
  • Setting up Manufacturing capabilities: Bill of material, Manufacturing Journal & Godowns management.
  • Setting up Job work management: 57 F4
  • VAT, TDS,GST, Excise Setup
  • Data Exchange Capability
  • Internet based capability
  • Payroll Capabilities
  • Amalgamation of data
  • MIS reporting capabilities
  • Synchronization of data between H.O. and Branches
  • Centralized Master Management for multi-location company using Tally Synchronization
  • Training for your staff according to their work profile.

Tally Training

Tally Corporate Training - Learn from the real expert in Tally

Tally ERP 9 is an off the shelf software and can be purchased from any authorized outlets in India. A context sensitive help accompanies the software. However, Tally ERP 9 is loaded with features and is hard to comprehend the software in its entirety within short time.

Advance training for you and your staff to expertise TALLY ERP 9.0

Tally ERP9, a must have business tools, grows with the knowledge of the person using it. As per the figure 95% of the people use only less than 5% to 20% of Tally ERP9. The gap is because of lack of knowledge and initiation.

We provide advance training for you and your staff each coined according to their work profile and befitting the industry. Our training provided by industry experts enables you to get the best out of Tally suited to your unique and growing business needs. Get ready to become a ‘Power User’ of Tally and to reap the multiplier benefits accruing to your business.

Tally AMC

Vishwanet provides direct access to the people who know Tally products best. Get peace of mind for a full year along with fast answers and how-to help directly from our support professionals. Use Expert Support to get the most out of the software you rely on. Stop wasting time trying to tackle problems alone. With onsite calls and telephonic & online support, you'll get accurate answers fast, so you can get back to work.

  • Courtesy Visits
  • On call visit at customer place, additional to courtesy visits
  • Regular e-mails about the latest updates on Tally
  • Installations of new versions & up grades along with the training of the same
  • Support through Telephone and Email
  • Splitting up of the data annually as and when required

Whether you are new to Tally or an experienced user, and regardless of the size of your organization, has the right Annual Support Cover Plan that work for you.

The following are the services which are included in the AMC services:

  • Tally Upgradation
  • Tally Password Recovery
  • Tally Debugging
  • Tally Data Recovery
  • Tally ERP, .Net Training
  • Tally at Site Solutions

Tally Support

Tally Support - Professional support

On-Site Support:

Certain problems require onsite support and troubleshooting. We have a strong team of field Tally experts who can deliver services at any point of time.

Telephonic and Remote Support:

Our Remote Support and Troubleshooting services give you the greatest leverage for your IT budget. Sophisticated remote access tools and experienced technicians and engineers combine to enable us to resolve most problems without wasting time and expense by traveling to your site.

Tally Synchronization: Data Synchronization between H.O. & Branches

For multi- location company, we can design and set up Tally Synchronization using the standard Tally software. Synchronization enables the instant flow of information and data and seamless integration of the same, from remote locations / branches / factories, to the Corporate Office. In effect, data is replicated from the branch / remote location. The system works through the Internet.

Synchronization enables companies to have advanced inventory controls, multi-level budgeting, reporting and cost controls. On an operational level, it enables companies to monitor sales, stock movements, costs and profitability at multiple locations.

Simple, cost-effective and reliable - data synchronization becomes a "single-click" activity.

Data Migration

We can convert your existing Tally 4.0, 4.5, 5.4, 6.3, 7.2 & 8.1 data to Tally ERP 9.

Tally Data Recovery

Data gets corrupted/locked due to electricity fluctuations, network error, lost password. We provide best possible data recovery services of your Tally data.

Speeding up for Tally with huge data

Accounting, Inventory & Taxation Support Services

Verification of accounting, inventory & taxation features.
Verification of inventory & taxation masters.
Verification of inventory, taxation reports.
We can provide Statutory Setup - VAT,GST, TDS, Excise services.



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